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Awards of Unifurn Co,.Ltd.

Foreign Customers



Unifurn Co,.Ltd. was established in Thailand since 1988 , as a leading manufacture for Wooden and MDF Furnitures, doors, windows and door mouldings and others products produced by real wood, MDF etc. Our aim is to produced the high quality and state-of the Art Furnitures that customize to suit needs and delivered to customers. In Addition to this aim, we had won many awards for both domestic and international exhibitions such as Asian Hi-Tech Award Y-1989, Outstanding products Y-1990 ,etc.-



We also had our showrooms in The Mall Department Store ( leading department store in Thailand) and been marketed our products in both counterywide & worldwide for more than 30 years under the name UNIFURN ( Wooden& MDF Furniture) and Diamond Door ( Wooden & MDF Door)


 According to more than 30 years experiences in Wooden & MDF furniture, we can say that we are the leading factory in Thailand that you can always trust. 

 Our Products

1. Wooden Door (Saya wood, Seadchor Wood, Jampa Wood, Teak Wood)
2. Single door
3. Double Door (for Front Door of the house)
4. Sliding Door
5. Stain Glass Door
6. MDF Wooded Door
7. Special hand-crafted wooden door
8. Special Polyester Coating Door (Shiny like Piano surface)

Our Quality of  Sead-Chor Wooden Door VS Teak Wooden Door

In general, the patterns of Sead-ChorWood may not as 100% beautiful as Teak Wood becuase it has many " Wood Marks" than the Teak Wood.  than Teak Wood but in terms of "durability" and " Strenght" is exactly the same, Sead-Chor Wood Normally used for both indoor and ourdoor which can stands under the sun and the rain without problem just like Teak Wood too, and after they paint color on the door it has no different to Teak wood at all But the most important is the Sead-Chor Wood is approximately 3 times cheaper so it is now can used for in subsitiuted of the lower-market demand.


For the product quality, We can say our quality is can fight with the Thai's leading brand that sells in department store such as HOMEPRO or Grand Home Mart, because we use special technology from Japan to compress all the part of door  together at once, the result is the door that is strong and perfectly sealed with no gap between the joint when there is no gap, the water can not get throgh the joint and it will make door last longer and look more beautiful.  so far the this tecnhniuqe is said to be the best  for making the door in Japan and Taiwan  


Teak Wooden price VS Sead-Chor Wooden Door Price

 for AA Teak wood grade which price is around 200-250 U.S Dollars/ piece  (80X200" ) to compare with our Sead-Chor Wood Door which price only not exceeding than 100 U.S Dollars/ piece ( 80X200") for  you to consider


Moreover, We also have wooden door made from Jampa (จำปา) wood, which this wood is very well-known that its durability and beauty are same grade as Teak Wood, (but the price is relatively more expensive than Sead-Chor Wood but still much cheaper than teak wood).  But the current lot we already sold out, I expect the new plywood lot comes within middle of this month, which we will definitely inform you price and pictures too.


I f you want more infomation we are welcome to supply.. we even more welcome if you want to come and look at the real product at our factory at Patumthanee Province too


The Special Polyester Coating Door

(Coating like a Grand Piano Surface)

           SP001                                SP002                            SP003                                SP004

                                                            Size  80X200X3 cm
                                                  Special Piano Coating ( Real Sead-Chor Wood)
                                                             $162 U.S Dollars /piece

we are producing the special design doors using Polyester Technique from Japan and Taiwan ( our company is Taiwanese company) which so far no body has done this techniquewith the door is the same coating system on the Luxury Grand Piano, these will makes the door look more luxury last much longer and so if you feel interested in such manner, we are more than welcome to have a talk togother sometimes, The price we quote for this products is around $162 U.S Dollars ( FOB price / not include shipping cost )

 We are now in the process of looking for a countrywide dealer or distributor,...Please call us now!!!!!

Please Feel free to contact for product information & Support

Marketing & Foreign Affairs Manager
Factory : (662)   5991388-9
Mobile :  (6683) 2432269
E-mail  : ,

For further information you can see our products at




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